Omsk excursions description

Walking sightseeing tour of Omsk (2 hours)

Walking city tour of Omsk, covering all the attractions of the central part of the city: The Assumption Cathedral, Tara and Tobol gates of the Omsk Fortress, Lyubinsky Avenue, the monument to F.M. Dostoyevsky and others.

Sightseeing tour of Omsk by car (3 hours)

This excursion will inroduce you to the history of Omsk from the 18th to 20th century including major landmarks of the city: the sight of its first fortress, the Assumption Cathedral, Tara and Tobol gates of the Omsk Fortress, the Commandant's house, the Cadet School, St. Nicholas cathedral, railway station and the war memorial.

Tour to Atchair Convent by car (4 hours)

In Old Russia monasteries and convents were centers of people's cultural and spiritual life. The history of Atchair Convent dates back to 1905, when St. Ivan Kronshtadtsky blessed the site near a Cossack village Atchair for building a convent. In the 30s of the past century the convent was closed and its territory became a part of GULAG. About 200 thousands prisoners died there of hunger, cold and hard labor. In several days after Stalin's death in 1953 GULAG had been disbanded and all cathedrals exploded. The rebirth of the convent began in 1992 after His Eminence Feodosy had blessed it.

The program acquaints the tourists with the Atchair Convent foundation history and with the building tactics of Orthodox churches and chapels. The tourists will be able to wash their hands and faces in a sanctified mineral spring and will indeed become absorbed in the life of people who devoted their life to God for a few hours. If a religious service is conducted, the tourists will have chance to visit it and hear divine choral singing.

Full day sightseeing tour of Omsk and Atchair Convent by car (8 hours)

Sightseeing tour of Omsk by car (3 hours), free time for lunch (lunch is not included) (1 hour), tour to Atchair Convent by car (4 hours).

Tour to Siberian village Bolsherechye (12 hours)

The Bolsheretsky fortress was founded on the large Siberian river Irtysh as a barrier for defence from invasions in 1627. Bolsherechye is an ancient Siberian village located in 180 km to the north from Omsk. A tour to Bolsherechye includes a visit to a unique ethnographical complex «Siberian antiquity» and Bolsherechye Zoo, naturally stretched out through 19 hectare. The complex «Siberian antiquity» (a merchant's mansion of the 19th century) will welcome you with Russian folk songs and games. There you'll get a chance to see 19th century wedding ceremony and learn some basics of folk handycraft. Having visited Bolsherechye, you'll get loads of fun and pleasant impressions.

9:00 Departure from hotel,
12:00 Arrival in Bolsherechye,
12:00-13:00 Lunch,
13:00-14:30 Excursion on an ethnographic complex «Siberian antiquity»,
14:30-15:15 Participation in the Siberian ancient ceremony «The Repayment of the bride» (visitors of a complex will take part in thr Siberian ceremony «The Repayment of the bride» with participation of folklore collective "Veretentse").
15:15-17:00 Free time or visiting of a zoo,
17:00 Departure to Omsk,
20:00 Arrival in hotel.